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Jeff Coston has won more Pacific Northwest Section PGA major championships than any other professional or amateur in the 90-year history of the Section. In total, Coston has been to the winner circle 20 times—Pacific Northwest PGA Championship (7); Northwest Open (2); Washington Open (5); Oregon Open (2); Rosauers Open (3) and Al C. Giusti Memorial (1). In 2006, Coston became the first PNW PGA professional to win the prestigious Senior PGA Professional National Championship. The following year Coston was low club professional in the Senior PGA Championship. Coston’s many playing accomplishments include the 1977 PNGA Amateur Championship and the 1991 Shreveport Open on the Web.com Tour. At the time of his induction into the Hall of Fame, Coston has earned Player of the Year honors 12 times and Senior Player of the Year honors 8 times.

Coston was a 2015 Champions Tour player.

Amateur Wins

1977 Pacific Northwest Amateur

Nationwide Tour

1991 Ben Hogan Shreveport Open


Jeff Coston has won the PNW PGA Professional Championship a record 7 times.

Year Event Score Location
1995 Oregon Open 205 Sunriver - Woodlands GC
1996 Washington Open 206 Glendale CC
1997 PNW PGA Professional Championship 198 Spokane CC
1997 Washington PGA Championship Indian Summer G&CC
1997 Rosauers Open 199 Indian Canyon GC
1998 National CPC Qualifier Indian Summer G&CC
1999 PNW PGA Professional Championship 209 Illahe Hills CC
1999 Washington Open 208 Indian Summer G&CC
2000 PNW PGA Professional Championship 201 Northern Pines GC
2001 Washington Open 209 Oakbrook G&CC
2001 Northwest Open 204 Running Y Ranch Resort
2002 PNW PGA Professional Championship 206 Meadow Springs CC
2003 PNW PGA Professional Championship 200 Spokane CC
2004 Oregon Open 200 Black Butte Ranch GC
2006 Rosauers Open 196 Indian Canyon GC
2006 PNW Senior PGA 139 Arrowhead GC
2006 PNW Senior Players Championship 130 Tri-Mountain GC
2006 Al C. Giusti Memorial 212 Riverside G&CC
2007 Northwest Open 200 Running Y Ranch Resort
2007 Oregon Senior Open 199 Wildhorse Resort & Casino
2007 PNW Senior PGA 139 Avalon Golf Links
2008 Rosauers Open 199 Indian Canyon GC
2008 PNW Senior PGA 141 Tualatin CC
2009 PNW Senior PGA 144 Tumble Creek Club
2009 Oregon Senior Open 198 Wildhorse Resort & Casino
2009 PNW PGA Professional Championship 209 Avalon Golf Links
2010 PNW Senior PGA 140 Riverside G&CC
2010 Washington Open 203 Glendale CC
2010 PNW PGA Professional Championship 206 Canyon River GC
2011 Oregon Senior Open 204 Wildhorse Resort & Casino
2011 PNW Senior PGA 142 Bear Creek CC
2012 Oregon Senior Open 202 Wildhorse Resort & Casino
2013 PNW Senior PGA Championship 137 Oakbrook G&CC
2016 Washington Open Invitational 209 Meridian Valley CC
2017 Oregon Senior Open 200 Wildhorse Resort & Casino
2018 PNW Senior Players' Championship 145 Wine Valley GC
2018 Oregon Senior Open 201 Wildhorse Resort
2019 Oregon Senior Open 206 Wildhorse Resort
2019 PNW Senior PGA 143 Bear Creek CC