Meet Marcus King, Candidate for Secretary

My name is Marcus King, I serve as the PGA General Manager of Overlake Golf & Country Club in Medina, Washington, and I am tossing my hat into the ring in my bid to serve as your next Section Secretary.  I appreciate this opportunity to return to the leadership cadre of our Section and help steer the ship for the next eight years.

Let me start by saying that I am entering this race with my friend and great PGA Golf Professional Howie Pruitt.  He is an extremely experienced and intelligent man, he is a standout graduate of the PGA LEAD program, and I am looking forward to not only running shoulder to shoulder, but also learning and soaking up his wisdom as we meet you all throughout the Section in the fall.  You can rest assured that you will be well-served no matter for which of us you vote.

I’ve been asked to introduce myself and provide an answer to the question: “What is your motivation to run for Section Secretary?”  Thank you in advance for your indulgence.

|   Introduction

I grew up in Seattle playing Jackson Park Golf Course and caddying at Seattle Golf Club, eventually earning an Evans Scholarship, and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Political Science.  I avoided law school and instead entered the United States Peace Corps, serving in Honduras and working as a social worker, small business specialist, and special education teacher.  After my service ended, I entered the PGA apprentice program with my lifelong 5 handicap, twitched my way through 4 PAT’s, and finally earned my PGA membership in 1990.  I have served as the Head Golf Professional at a municipal golf course and private club, and as the General Manager of a resort and three private clubs, experiencing every corner of our industry.  Most of my time off is spent with my wife Jonette and our 9-month old son Axel or volunteering with Special Olympics.  Currently, I am serving as the Golf Commissioner for the Special Olympics USA Games here in Seattle July 1-3.

|   Back into the Fire

I’ve been fortunate to serve on our Western Washington Chapter PGA Board twice, the second time also serving on our Pacific Northwest Section PGA Board of Directors and serving as your Section President from 2013 to 2014.  I’ve served on almost every committee and am completely familiar with how our Section operates and thrives.  I’ve been with the Section through some tough times and some great times, all the while committed to continuous improvement.  As an officer of your Section, I’ve contributed to making our collective voice known at PGA national, and I enjoy shaking up the “establishment” of our organization, questioning, prodding and poking the collective conscience to advance the difficult conversations.  I bleed PGA blue and gold…except in the fall when I bleed UW purple and gold.

And now, I am looking to wind back up and run for Section Secretary a second time.  Why?

I have only one motivation:  to help us all stay relevant.

I am absolutely dedicated to assuring that we PGA Professionals remain relevant, important, and the true leaders of the game.  As demographers point to the challenging decades ahead for the golf industry, I will work to make sure we continue to be the tip of the spear and the “go to” professionals in the game and business of golf.  We have some tough sledding ahead, my friends, as the Millennial and Gen Z generations become the base of the golf world, and I hope to help lead us to actions that will help keep us relevant and in-step with those generations while preserving the relevant traditions of our forbearers.  I have the skills, the drive and the time to accomplish this personal mission, and I’m happy to say that my personal mission aligns well with our PGA mission to “Serve the member and grow the game.”

Thank you for your indulgence, and I hope to earn your vote in the fall.



Marcus King, PGA, CCM, CCE
General Manager
Overlake Golf & Country Club

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