candidates for secretary

Meet Ryan Young, Candidate for Secretary

Dear Esteemed Members of the PNW Section, I am honored to announce my candidacy for the position of PNW Section Secretary. My name is Ryan Young, and I bring with me a wealth of experience and dedication to the field of golf, which I aim to leverage in service to our esteemed organization. Having graduated … Read more

Meet David Owens, Candidate for Secretary

My name is David Owens and I am running to be your next Section Secretary. I’m excited about the opportunity and would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me. I have just recently joined the senior circuit, having turned 50 a couple of months ago. My … Read more

Meet John Grothe, Candidate for Secretary

Hello my fellow PGA Professional. Thank you for reviewing my bio and qualifications.  My name is John Grothe, and I was born and raised in Carmel, California. Although my high school played matches at Pebble Beach Golf Links, I did not begin to golf until after I graduated. I was able to catch up on … Read more

Meet Chas Holmes, Candidate for Secretary

Hello fellow PGA Professionals. My name is Chas Holmes and I am delighted and honored to be running for Section Secretary in 2022 in hopes of serving you for the next 8 years of another 100 years of success. I certainly look forward to the campaigning and I would like to wish my running mate … Read more

Bill Shea on the Evolution of the Section

As we look into the future operations of the PNWPGA- how to you see our section evolving? Hello fellow PGA Professionals. I hope that this article finds you all healthy and are enjoying the boost in rounds our facilities have been experiencing this past month. These are certainly interesting times. One of the biggest changes … Read more

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