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The earliest recorded scores of the Section Championship date back to 1936. In 2000 the Section Championship was combined with the CPC event and is now the Pacific Northwest Section PGA Professional Championship (PPC). The Pacific Northwest Section PGA Professional Championship is only open to PGA Members of the Section. Each year, a certain amount of places qualify for advancement to the National CPC. From 1997-2000 the CPC Qualifiers were separate from the winners of the Section Championship.

Most tournament wins: Jeff Coston (8), Charles Congdon (6)

Year Player Course Score       Link to Article
2023 Austin Hurt Suncadia - Tumble Creek Club 212 PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2023
2022 Jeff Coston Manito G&CC 201 PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2022
2021 Colin Inglis Arrowhead GC 200 PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2021
2020 Corey Prugh Canyon River GC 202 (won in play-off) PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2020
2019 Corey Prugh Indian Summer G&CC 208 PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2019
2018 Russell Grove Meadow Springs CC 210 (won in play-off) PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2018
2017 Russell Grove Circling Raven GC 201 PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2017
2016 Corey Prugh Astoria G&CC 204 (won in play-off)   article
2015 Tim Feenstra Canyon River GC 206     article
2014 Brian Thornton Salish Cliffs GC 209     article
2013 Tim Feenstra Meadow Springs CC 214     article
2012 Ryan Benzel Circling Raven GC 202     article
2011 Tim Feenstra Illahe Hills CC 206 (won in play-off)   article
2010 Jeff Coston Canyon River GC 206       PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2010
2009Jeff Coston Avalon Golf Links209    
2008Chris Van der Velde Tetherow GC215    PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2008
2007Brian Thornton Suncadia Resort - Prospector Course211    PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2007
2006 Ryan Malby Circling Raven GC203    PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2006
2005 Keith Coleman Whitefish Lake GC201    PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2005
2004 Tom Sovay Aspen Lakes GC209    PNW PGA Professional Championship (PPC)/2004
2003Jeff Coston Spokane CC200    
2002Jeff Coston Meadow Springs CC206    
2001Bill Porter Indian Summer G&CC210    
2000Jeff Coston Northern Pines GC201    
Section Championship (when split) National CPC Qualifiers (when split)
1999Jeff Coston Illahe Hills CC 2091999 Travis Long Semiahmoo G&CC139
1998 Scott Krieger Walla Walla CC2021998 Jeff Coston Indian Summer G&CC
1997Jeff Coston Spokane CC198 1997 Keith Liedes Gold Mountain GC141
Section Championship
1996 Mike Davis Tacoma C&GC211    
1995 Randy Jensen Eagle Bend GC     
1994 Jeff Fought Portland GC     
1993 Tom Carey Walla Walla CC206
1992 Mike Gove Sun Willows GC     
1991 Mark Keating Sudden Valley GC     
1990 Scott Williams Bend G&CC     
1989 Rob Gibbons Port Ludlow G&CC214    
1988 Mark Gardner Eugene CC213    
1987 Doug Campbell Canyon Lakes GC212     
1986 Jim Von Lossow Olympia C&GC207
1985 Pat Fitzsimons Canyon Lakes GC209     
1984 Pat Welch Canyon Lakes GC218
1983 Pat Fitzsimons Meadow Springs CC209
1982Rick Acton Tumwater Valley GC214     
1981 Doug Campbell Meadow Springs CC211
1980Rick Acton Meadow Springs CC218
1979 Fred Haney Meadow Springs CC139
1978 Mike Davis Meadow Springs CC143
1977Rick Acton Meadow Springs CC143
1976 Pat Fitzsimons Meadow Springs CC140
1975Rick Acton Meadow Springs CC141     
1974Jerry Mowlds Sahalee CC145
1973 Harvey Hixson Eugene CC142
1972 Bob Ellsworth Sahalee CC146
1971 Ted Denham Royal Oaks CC145     
1970Bob Duden Broadmoor GC146
1969Al Mengert Illahe Hills CC140
1968 Al Mengert Manito G&CC136
1967Don Bies Broadmoor GC134
1966Bob Duden Shadow Hills CC135
1965 Jim Petersen Glendale CC139
1964 Tom Marlowe Portland GC140
1963 Charles Congdon Walla Walla CC135
1962 Jim Petersen Tacoma C&GC145
1961Bob Duden Oswego Lake CC140
1960 Joe Greer Walla Walla CC139
1959Joe Greer Fircrest CC140
1958 Ed Oldfield Royal Oaks CC139
1957Eddie Hogan Manito G&CC142
1956 Joe Greer Overlake G&CC 140
1955 Eddie Hogan Waverley CC 141
1954 Joe Greer Yakima CC 131
1953 Joe Greer Seattle GC 144
1952 Charles Congdon Alderwood CC 144 (won in playoff against Frank Newell)
1951 Dave Killen Manito G&CC 140
1950 Charles Congdon Inglewood GC 140
1949 Emery Zimmerman Tualatin CC 141 (won in playoff against Larry Lamberger and Ed Oliver)
1948 Ed "Porky" Oliver Spokane CC 134
1947 Charles Congdon Tacoma C&GC 140 (won in playoff against Ted Longworth)
1946 Emery Zimmerman Tacoma C&GC 143
1945 Joe Mozel Portland GC 140
1944 Gordon Richards Fircrest GC 145
1943 ?     possibly cancelled due to war
1942 Al Zimmerman Fircrest GC 141 Al Zimmerman enlists in the Navy 9-16-1942
1941 Al Zimmerman Waverley CC 143
1940 Al Zimmerman Tacoma C&GC 141
1939 Ken Tucker Tacoma C&GC 146
1938 Charles Congdon Tacoma C&GC 146
1937 Ted Longworth Fircrest GC 142
1936 Charles Congdon Alderwood CC 143
1935 Walter Pursey Inglewood GC 142
1934 Verne Torfin Fircrest GC 141


From Martin Pool, who provided the Seattle Times PDF's:

"The July 2, 1944 issue of the Seattle Times regarding the upcoming championship in 1944, includes the statement: 'Al Zimmerman of Portland, who won the sectional title last year, will not be on hand to defend his crown, as he is on service in North Africa.'"

"Initially this led to me think that Al Zimmerman, who won in 1940, 1941, and 1942 must have won for the fourth consecutive time in 1943, however, I do not think this was the case. After winning the 1942 championship, Al Zimmerman enlisted in the Navy on September 16, 1942. It seems highly unlikely that he would have competed in the 1943 championship if indeed one was held."

"I think the writer of the July 2, 1944 article was mistaken when he said 'last year,' and should have said 'in 1942,' and Al Zimmerman would still have been the defending champion if the 1943 event had been cancelled."