Past Champions/PNW Pro-Assistant Championship

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The Pacific Northwest Pro-Assistant Championship began in 1992 with a seven-hole sudden-death match between the Progress Downs team of Jerry Minor/Ralph West and the Royal Oaks team of Steve Bowen/Michael Wilkerson, with the Progress Downs team being victorious. The tournament record of 126 was set by Scott Williams and Mike Barnett in 1995 and tied by Todd Erwin and Derek Barron in 2015.

Year Professional Assistant Course Score Link to Article
2024 Mitch Runge Shane Prante Tacoma C&GC 127 PNW Pro-Assistant Championship/2024
2023 Cameron Fife Daniel Campbell Eugene CC 133 PNW Pro-Assistant Championship/2023
2022 Mitch Runge John Cassidy Inglewood GC 134 PNW Pro-Assistant Championship/2022
2021 Bryce Fisher David Brown Willamette Valley CC 129 PNW Pro-Assistant Championship/2021
2020 no tournament due to COVID-19
2019 Bryce Fisher John Cassidy Seattle GC 132 PNW Pro-Assistant Championship/2019
2018 Darren Black Brad Faller Willamette Valley CC 128 PNW Pro-Assistant Championship/2018
2017 Mike Fosnick Shane Prante Glendale CC 129 article
2016 Darren Black Uriel Jimenez Tualatin CC 132 article
2015 Todd Erwin Derek Barron Meridian Valley CC 126 article
2014 Todd O'Neal Colin Inglis Royal Oaks CC 133 article
2013 Bryan Tunstill Adrian Burtner Overlake G&CC 132 article
2012 Brent Murray Scott Erdmann Columbia Edgewater CC 133 article
2011 Ryan Malby Jess Roper Tacoma G&CC 132 PNW Pro-Assistant Championship/2011
2010 Steve Prugh Corey Prugh Royal Oaks CC 134
2009 Marti O'Neill Josh Immordino Broadmoor GC 134
2008 Steve Prugh Corey Prugh Columbia Edgewater CC 129
2007 Stu Aden Kris Swanson Golf Mountain GC 129
2006 Bryan Tunstill Adrian Burtner Portland GC 132
2005 Doug Doxsie Ryan Benzel Seattle GC 133
2004 Mike Gove Eric Berry Willamette Valley CC 131
2003 Mike Gove Eric Berry Fircrest GC 133
2002 Brent Murray Doug DuChateau Astoria G&CC 129
2001 Brent Murray Doug DuChateau Washington National 135
2000 Chris Mitchell Rick Lamberton Royal Oaks CC 137
1999 Doug Doxsie Brent Webber Plateau G&CC 134
1998 Scott Krieger Tim Hval Lake Oswego CC 130
1997 Scott Williams Mike Barnett Gold Mountain GC 133
1996 G.W. Malm Dan Gullikson Landgon Farms GC 132
1995 Scott Williams Mike Barnett McCormick Woods GC 126
1994 Tom Carey Jack Buddeke Canterwood G&CC and
McCormick Woods GC
1993 Mark Rohde Chris Mitchell Royal Oaks CC 130
1992 Jerry Minor Ralph West Tacoma C&GC 130