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The Senior PGA Professional Championship was established in 1952. This very popular event, for those who are 50 years and older, has seen a major jump since the days of old. Some can remember all the way back in 1965 when Harry Umbinetti was the top money winner of the event taking home a whopping $250 dollars. Back then, the championship was held at the Yakima Elks' Golf and Country Club with only 21 professionals battling it out for the mere sum of $920 dollars. Throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's, the Pacific Northwest Senior PGA Championship has seen many timeless and popular venues. Places such as Royal Oaks Country Club, Eugene Country Club, Manito Golf and Country Club, and Fircrest Country Club have all been in the mix since the beginning. The famous Bob Duden won the championship six times during the 70's and seven times overall.

Year Player Course Score Link to Article
2018 Tom Sovay Arrowhead GC 141 (won playoff) PNW Senior PGA Championship/2018
2017 Steve Stull Everett G&CC 137 (won playoff) article
2016 Rob Gibbons Illahe Hills CC 137 article
2015 George Mack, Jr. The Home Course 140 article
2014 Steve Stull Tetherow GC 142 article
2013 Jeff Coston RMG Club at Oakbrook 137 article
2012 Chuck Milne Arrowhead GC 138 article
2011 Jeff Coston Bear Creek CC 142 PNW Senior PGA Championship/2011
2010 Jeff Coston Riverside G&CC 140 PNW Senior PGA Championship/2010
2009 Jeff Coston Tumble Creek Club 144
2008 Jeff Coston Tualatin CC 141
2007 Jeff Coston Avalon Golf Links 139
2006 Jeff Coston Arrowhead GC 139
2005 Fred Haney Manito G&CC 135
2004 Don Bies Indian Summer G&CC 139
2003 Ed Fisher Everett G&CC 138
2002 Fred Haney Bend G&CC 139
2001 Jerry Lee Bellingham G&CC 139
2000 Chuck Milne Yakima CC 143
1999 Michael Kahler Sandpines GL 143
1998 Elwin Fanning Overlake G&CC 140
1997 Mike Reasor Sun Willows GC 143
1996 Bill Tindall Whitefish Lake GC 135
1995 Jim Wilkinson Eugene CC 138
1994 Ted Naff Spokane CC 139
1993 Gerry Mehlert Everett G&CC 145
1992 Gerry Mehlert    
1991 Tim Berg    
1990 Lloyd Harris    
1989 Ted Naff Alderbrook GC 142
1988 Tim Berg    
1987 Jim Shriver    
1986 Billy Derickson    
1985 Ray Bennett    
1984 Geo Lanning    
1983 Geo Lanning    
1982 Bub Duden    
1981 Harvey Hixson    
1980 Don Kirkpatrick    
1979 Bob Duden    
1978 Bob Duden    
1977 Ernie Luckenotte    
1976 Bob Duden    
1975 Bob Duden    
1974 Al Williams    
1973 Bob Duden    
1972 Bud Hofmeister    
1971 Bob Duden    
1970 Bill Isbill