Associate Mentoring Program

The Pacific Northwest Section updated the Associate requirements on January 1, 2015 to retain Section and Chapter Playing Privileges. Important changes were made in the program with very specific requirements to meet.  If you have any additional questions, please call the Section office at 800-688-4653.

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The Basics

To retain active status with the Section, Associates are required to attend one PGA Education Seminar, attend one PGA Meeting and compete in one PGA Tournament each calendar year.  PNW PGA “Stay Involved” webinars will count for 1/2 AMP education each. 

Associates that fail to satisfy any or all of the three requirements above shall lose their Section and Chapter playing privileges. Playing privileges may be restored through a process of meeting with a Section mentor and following the program developed in this meeting to regain “Active” status and restore the Associates playing privileges.

In addition, Associates suspended by the PGA of America will have their Section and Chapter playing privileges suspended until they are back in good standing with National.

Qualifying Activities

  1. PGA Education – includes Section, Chapter and National education workshops and seminars at least two hours in length in person.
    If an Associate attends an online Chapter/Section approved webinar, you need to attend at minimum of two webinars to satisfy your AMP Education requirement.
  2. PGA Meeting – includes Section, Chapter and National meetings. Attendance must be in person. Primarily meetings include – Section/Chapter Spring and Fall Meetings and the PGA National Annual Meeting. With the prior approval of the Section, this activity may include Section/Chapter Town Hall meetings provided such meetings include at least one Section/Chapter officer, are at least two hours in length and focus on Section/Chapter issues and business. The following do not qualify – allied association meetings, committee meetings, board meetings, cracker barrels and the like. 
  3. PGA Tournament – includes Section, Chapter and National events. Championships and Pro-Ams owned and operated by the PGA qualify. Associates who have not fully satisfied the PAT may use a PAT to satisfy this requirement. Unofficial events within the Section do not qualify – such as Blue Mountain Best Ball, Fall Tour, Lilac Open, Montana Open, and the like. To meet the PGA Tournament requirement, Associates with a physical disability may apply to the Chief Executive Officer for an accommodation.
  4. Seasonal Proration – Associates joining the Section between April 1 and September 30 are required to fulfill any two of the requirements. Associates joining the Section after September 30 have no requirement for the current year. This proration applies to the first year of registration with the Section. The full requirement must be satisfied by seasonal transfer/employees in all subsequent years.

Mentoring and Restoring Active Status/Playing Privileges

  1. Associates placed in Inactive status shall meet with a Section Mentor to develop a plan to satisfy the current deficiency and successfully satisfy future requirements.
  2. Associates will be required to satisfy the specific deficiency – Education, Meeting, or Playing before being restored to Active status and full playing privileges.


National Suspensions – Associates suspended by the PGA of America will remain suspended until released by the PGA of America. Such Associates are still subject to the Education and Meeting requirements of this provision and the playing requirement during periods not suspend by the PGA of America.

Click here for a pdf of the requirements

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