PNWPGA Junior Ambassador Membership (JAM) Program

In our continuing commitment to “serve the members and grow the game,” the Section is committed to executing innovative player development programs as well as valuable member services.  When these two priorities intersect, the Section moves aggressively.
During the spring 2022 meeting, the Board of Directors approved the launch and pilot funding for the PNWPGA Junior Ambassador Membership (JAM) program.  “JAM” is a new and unique approach to junior golf programming.  Originally conceived by Mr. Chris Nowlen, PGA, JAM not only provides a framework for course-based junior programs to deliver new programming, but it is also designed to expose and, ideally, encourage juniors to consider a career in golf. 
JAM intentionally develops junior participants into leaders in their community through opportunities to develop junior golf events, fundraise for charities, participate in charitable programs, and receive mentoring from PGA Professionals and business leaders.  While program design is entirely yours, participants can meet quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Participants select an event to plan and then fully execute the event.  Your course-based meetings could follow a recurring agenda:  1. Inspiration/Education (30 minutes). 2. Program development (60 minutes). 3. Program Execution from the prior meeting.  
Specifically, JAM:

  • Course-base programs supplement, not replace, their existing programming with JAM curriculum. 
  • JAM curriculum encourages juniors to assume the many responsibilities associated with any number of project ideas.
  • Pilot funding has been approved for a maximum of $1,000 per chapter, $5,000 for the Section during 2024.
  • Boys and girls, 12-17 years of age, who are active junior golfers, are eligible. They should be interested in learning leadership skills through the business of golf.
  • JAM curriculum drives revenue to the Pro and to the Club and improves retention, recruitment, and participation.

The business of golf is not only a great career path, but also an avenue of personal growth. Many of our junior golfers become great players, but they don’t have the opportunity to use the game to develop their leadership skills. As we all agree, golf is the perfect platform to learn leadership skills, interpersonal skills, philanthropy, and strategic planning, while fostering their personal growth. You can now give this experience and opportunity to our youth golfers by completing the application.

Print or download and save the form below. Deadline for all submissions is May 31, 2024. Send to Frank Talarico at [email protected].

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