New to Golf


Whether you’re picking up a club for the first time or if you’re coming back to the sport after some time away, we’re here to help! We know this sport can be intimidating. We also believe you’ll love it once you try it. Golf has something for everybody, including juniors and veterans.

Find a Coach

Whether you’re looking to shoot a personal best or just learning how to become a more consistent player, a PGA Coach will get you there.

PGA Coaches are PGA Professionals and Associates who work at your local golf courses and are specially trained to teach others to play golf! Get started on your journey with a coach who specializes in your experience and needs.

What’s It like to Get a Lesson from a PGA Coach?

Check out our YouTube playlist of golf lesson clips and tips from our very own PGA Coaches.

Learn Your Way Around

Learn all that you need to know to start having fun out on the golf course in just 8 minutes. This tutorial covers important topics like rules, scoring, around the course, equipment & much more to help you make golf your thing.

Learn the Rules

The Rules of Golf explained! This YouTube playlist of short videos focuses on the playing Rules, especially those used or encountered most frequently by golfers.

Join a Golf Association in Your Area

Enjoy social, recreational and lifetime benefits of the game of golf by joining an amateur association in your area! It’s also the easiest way to establish and maintain a Handicap Index.

Establish a Handicap Index

A Handicap Index provides every golfer – regardless of age, gender or skill level – with a universal measure of playing ability under the World Handicap System™.

A Handicap Index allows you to:

  • Play with any golfer on a fair and equitable basis.
  • Track your personal progress and gain insights into your game. 
  • Compete in events requiring a Handicap Index, creating additional playing opportunities. 
  • See updates to your Handicap Index by posting scores from any course around the world with a Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™.

Before playing you can use your Handicap Index to determine your Target Score, which is a score you are reasonably capable of achieving, to help choose the best set of tees to play.

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Beginner’s Luck

Four women, new to the game of golf, connected through the game and have become friends because of it!

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