Welcome, Cameron Altmayer, 2024 Intern!

Hi there, my name is Cameron Altmayer and I’m from Federal Way, Washington. I’ve been into the game of golf since my sophomore year of high school, and been in the industry since 2019. I’ve been in love with the game of golf ever since and will forever be passionate about it. I’m a sophomore in the PGA Golf Management program and studying Business Economics at the University of Idaho. The pathways that the PGM degree has opened have been incredibly inspiring and has allowed me to experience my dream. I did my first internship at The Golf Club at Black Rock in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and now coming back to home turf in Olympia Washington! Most of my experience has been with taking care of the golf course on grounds crew and outside services. I’ve always been fascinated with tournaments and running them, so this opportunity with the PGA Pacific Northwest Section is something I’m really looking forward to learning about! I don’t have a specific section of the industry I want to end at, but I hope this will lead me down that path to finding it!

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