PNW PGA Fall Education – Strategies for Building Meaningful Relationships in Your Career

September 24, 2022 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Tacoma Convention Center
1500 Commerce St
Tacoma WA 98402
PNW PGA membership team

PNW PGA Fall Education & Networking

Strategies (Tangible/Intangible) for Building Meaningful Relationships in Your Career

Sponsored by Tagmarshal

Moderated by Monte Koch, PGA. Expected panelists include Chris Nowlen, James Hochrine, Bryan Nicholson, Caleb Hung and Mike Sizemore. Includes a snack/networking break. Topics include:

  1. Making yourself an asset at your facility
  2. Making yourself invaluable to your membership
  3. Getting involved in PGA Committees and the benefits
  4. Meaningful Marketing/Network for Your Career
  5. Networking Like a Wolf (Running with the Right Pack)
  6. The important qualities that could help enhance you in your career
  7. Strategies (Tangible/Intangible) for Building Meaningful Relationships for your career

Monte Koch is a PGA Certified Professional in Player Development and is a Career Services Consultant for the PGA of America, serving PGA professionals/employers in the Pacific NW & Rocky Mountain PGA Sections.

Receive 4 PGA Required PDR’s / 1 AMP Education Credit for attending.

Cost: $35

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