PNW PGA “Stay Involved” Education – Work-Life Balance

July 20, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Dominic Marconi

PNW PGA “Stay Involved” Education Series

Work-Life Balance

Join us for a 60-minute webinar presented by Daniel Schuler. Topics include:

  • How to pinpoint what your current identity is and start to understand how it drives what you do
  • Discover your core values in order to better understand what is important to you and how to properly prioritize (the relationship between these and identity)
  • Navigating emotions to modify behavior
  • How to avoid problematic hypotheticals

This webinar will be held via Google Meet. Receive 1 PGA PDR or 1/2 AMP Education Credit for attending.

Daniel Schuler has been officially coaching for almost six years specializing in identity, behavior, core values, overcoming fear and emotional intelligence. He has coached for multiple Foreign Exchange Trading companies, athletes, entrepreneurs, door to door sales, Network Marketing companies, teachers, etc. He has certifications in emotional and social intelligence coaching, life coaching, motivational coaching, and advanced NLP communication. He is currently the head mental performance/emotional intelligence coach for the Southern Oregon University Golf team, West Coast Golf Academy, and the Independent Trading University



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